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Dance: For the Body and Soul

Not only is dance an engaging and exciting activity for children and adults, it offers the  benefits of physical fitness and creative expression.


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Our mini-sessions are several weeks long and are offered throughout the year.  They are offered in various styles and are great to give your child an introduction to dance.  Mini-session classes do not perform in the year-end recital and are very affordable!  Bring a friend and receive $10 off.  $25 Annual Registration fee is applicable + HST

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Take your dancing to the next level and join our 2016-2017 competitive team!  Our competitive program features an intensive and non-intensive stream, depending on your desired level of commitment. We are holding auditions on June 10th 2017, so feel free to contact us for more information if you're interested in joining or joing us at our Competitive Information Night Saturday March 25th from 4:30-5:30pm.

Our Philosophy On Competitive Dance

Our approach is to always keep things in perspective.  We look to the most well-adjusted individuals for inspiration.  In doing this, we see that a healthy, well-rounded life starts with a strong foundation of physical fitness, confidence, discipline, respect for yourself and respect for others.

Following with the statements above, the experience of competitive dance through In Harmony offers many benefits to dancers:

  • It heightens one’s self-esteem - Our teaching environment is always positive and encouraging.
  • It teaches discipline, self-motivation and time management skills - These skills are extremely valuable throughout life, especially in school and in the workforce.
  • It builds social skills and provides children (and families) an opportunity to build everlasting relationships with like-minded friends.
  • It provides physical activity several times per week in a fun and healthy environment - Dancers will be physically fit and will learn to make activity a top priority in their life.

Competition is an inevitable part of life.  Jobs, education, and other aspects in life involve competition.  Children exposed to competition will set up for success when it’s time to spread their wings.  What makes In Harmony unique from other schools is that we focus on the healthy aspects of competition.  We see it as an opportunity for dancers to showcase their individual talents in order to receive constructive feedback - Competition is an opportunity for dancers to show how far they’ve come and to learn there is no end to their potential.  It is inspirational at all times and never discouraging.

When this perspective is lost, it is easy for competitive dance to become an unhealthy experience.  This is why we strive to ensure dancers (parents and teachers as well!) maintain the right perspective.  Doing so will result in a positive experience and will reinforce the behaviours needed to succeed in life.

resized_picday2013DSC_1210AAA.jpgOur Teaching Environment

  • Our instructors are friendly, positive and encouraging.
  • Our instructors demand respect from their students and in turn give respect back.
  • Our instructors insist that dancers are friendly and respectful to their peers.
  • Our instructors work to build up the self-esteem and confidence of each dancer.


  • Our routines are entered into appropriate categories based on the number of hours that students train per week, the numbers of years that the students have danced and their age. 
  • Expectations are realistic.
  • We enter competitions that foster a friendly, motivating and healthy environment