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Dance: For the Body and Soul

Not only is dance an engaging and exciting activity for children and adults, it offers the  benefits of physical fitness and creative expression.


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Our mini-sessions are several weeks long and are offered throughout the year.  They are offered in various styles and are great to give your child an introduction to dance.  Mini-session classes do not perform in the year-end recital and are very affordable!  Bring a friend and receive $10 off.  $25 Annual Registration fee is applicable + HST

Dance Programs

All dance programs are offered throughout the year (from September to June).  Each program teaches discipline, commitment and focus while promoting individual self-esteem.  We emphasize fun, creativity and help dancers discover their talents.  

How to Sign Up - Have a look at our scheduled classes where you can register online. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  


Creative Dance - Your child will be introduced to various forms of dancing such as Ballet and Jazz.  The focus is on fun activities that promote creativity and confidence in the young dancer.  Ages 2 & 3

princess_dance.jpgPrincess Dance - Explore the world of Ballet as a princess! Students will receive an introduction to dance while engaging in princess related games, activities and princess dress-up.   Ages 3 & 4.


Ballet - The fundamental discipline of dancing that is required to form a strong dancer.  It focuses on grace, balance, posture, flexibility and strength and is required in all types of dancing.  Ballet is a classical form of dance and is the core technique to all other forms of dance.  A syllabus will be taught to students who wish to take part in examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).


Jazz - An exciting form of dance that incorporates faster music and faster steps in combinations or exercises that demonstrate fluidity, style, passion and energy.  A syllabus will be taught to students who wish to take part in examinations through the PAEC Association (Performing Arts Educators of Canada). 

acro2.jpgAcrobatics - This form of dance incorporates flexibility, gymnastics and strength while dancers perform various tricks, double-tricks and unique poses.  A syllabus will be taught to students who wish to take part in examinations through the PAEC Association (Performing Arts Educators of Canada). 
JennaTayTap.jpgTap - This form of dance focuses on rhythms, sounds and movement with the feet.  Tap dancing increases a dancers understanding of timing, rhythm and counts. 

Combo.jpgHip Hop - A very popular form of dance.  It incorporates a unique style of music and focuses on quick, coordinated steps and moves.  A more relaxed form of dance where dancers are encouraged to feel the music and get into the groove. 
DSC_2609AAA.pngMusical Theatre - Allows students to express creativity through dance and drama.  It combines theatrical performance with dancing. 
resized_picday2013DSC_1084AAA.jpgContemporary - Dancers will incorporate modern dancing styles including what is learned in Jazz and Ballet and favors movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling. 

resized_DSC_2325AAA.jpgCombo Dance101 - Junior level combo classes combine Jazz, Acro and Ballet.  Intermediate and Teen level combo classes combine Jazz, Acro and Hip Hop- Each week focusing on one style of dance alternating each class.  Combo classes are great to introduce new students to various forms of dance in short time period! 

DSC_2375AAA.pngJumps, Turns & Conditioning - This class focuses on building the core strength and technique required for jumps and turns.  Dancers will work to build/maintain flexibility and conditioning required for these skills.