Happy September Birthday Dancers!!

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September 3, 2013


Happy Birthday to all of our dancers who celebrate their birthday in September!!!

In Harmony Dance wishes you all a Happy Birthday!

First Name Last Name Age Birthday      
Olivia Carbray 4 9/1/2009      
Emma Burnett 4 9/2/2009      
Sophie Moreau 12 9/6/2000      
Chloe Mccarthy 16 9/8/1996      
Hannah Rooney 5 9/9/2007      
River Tan 6 9/13/2006      
Addyson Sorichetti 5 9/15/2007      
Kiana Lawrence 12 9/19/2000      
Mackenzie Yule 5 9/21/2007      
Kyanna James 11 9/22/2001      
Madison Snider 7 9/22/2005      
Emmaleigh Sun 3 9/22/2009      
Connor Graham 6 9/23/2006      
Erica Wolscht 7 9/26/2005      
Brenna Mccutcheon 13 9/27/1999      
Hannah Madill-purcocks 10 9/28/2002      
Keira Taylor 8 9/28/2004      
Mila Jessop 4 9/30/2008      
Ava Meldrum 13 9/30/1999      


IHD at the Multicultural Event

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July 24, 2013

Multicultural Event 

In Harmony Dance spent the day at the Town of Newmarket's Multicultural Event on Saturday, July 20 at Fairy Lake in Newmarket. In Harmony Dance staff and volunteers worked a booth to promote the studio, give out program information and showcase our dancers.  Our dancers put on a 30 minute performance of 12 routines and they did a fantastic job.  Thank you dancers and parents for coming out to show your support for the studio and for sharing in this fun day!!



New Website for IHD!

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May 13, 2013

DSC_3602AAA.jpgNow that we're happily into our awesome new home at 1220 Stellar Drive, we decided it was time to work on our next move - The website.  Our previous site was difficult to maintain as it was custom-built with just HTML.  We knew it was time to improve things and make it easier for us to keep everyone at the studio organized.  This new site platform offers all of the standard features of modern websites, is supported by a vast user community and most importantly, is easy to update!  Please give us some feedback on it if you have any ideas or suggestions.  Hope you like it!