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Holiday Traditions

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December 13, 2017


The holiday season is in full swing! We are counting down the days to our Holiday Concert this weekend, that we are sure will put you in the spirit of the season. We love spending time with our dance family this time of year and are looking forward to some time off with our families to keep building on our Holiday Traditions.

Here are some things that we think you should make a tradition this year:

12 Days of Practice

Make stretching a habit this season! Use your time off wisely and practice the skills you’ve been working on this year. Take some time while watching a Holiday movie or resting after a big meal to gently stretch your body, work on a skill or practice some choreography.

Choreograph a Holiday Dance

Put on a show for your love ones this year! Teach your cousins a dance, do some improv to a holiday song alone in your room, choreograph a Holiday spectacular that will wow your family and friends! Take the time that you not in class, being guided by your teachers to explore your own creativity.

Make a Resolution

Set some goals. Take your time off to ask yourself what you’d like to accomplish this year, in dance and in life. Make resolutions that will guide you through the year and help push you to work harder and set you on the right path.

Say Thank You

The best gift you can give someone is to acknowledge their role in your life. Thank your parents and mentors for supporting and teaching you. Thank you friends for the joy they give you. Thank your family for loving you. End your year being grateful and having the people around you know how much they care.

Happy Holidays!


The Lessons Dance Teaches

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December 6, 2017


Here at IHD we take teaching dance very seriously. We’ve all followed our passion for dance and built careers and lives revolving around that passion. We love sharing skills and steps and tricks with our dancers but from experience, we know that the lessons learned in studio go far beyond just dance.

Here’s our list of things that dance class teaches beyond the steps:

Helps build healthy habits

Teaches time management

Helps build healthy relationships with authority

Builds coordination and bodily control

Teaches dedication

Teaches perseverance

Helps promote positive self image

Teaches discipline

Teaches the value teamwork

There is always something more to learn

Teaches passion

Gives strong female (and some male) role models

Teaches the value of setting goals

Teaches the importance of community

Teaches self expression

Teaches humility and grace

It’s alright to make mistakes

Hard work pays off

Beyond the pirouettes, leaps and pointed toes there is so much more learning and practicing dance can teach us. Our mission is to share the joy of dance and the life lesson it teaches to as many students as we can. Dance has forever changed our lives and we hope to continue to help change others so as long as we can!


What to expect from our Winter Session

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November 15, 2017


Our fall sessions is so quickly coming to an end at IHD. We’ve had so much fun dancing, learning and growing with each other as teachers and with all our dancers. It has been a pleasure to get to know new students and their families and continue to build relationships with returning students. We can’t wait to show you want we’ve been working at our Holiday Concert and Competitive Gala in March.

So you’ve had fun at session one but haven’t decided if you’ll be joining us for session 2. Here’s what you’ll be getting if you join us for Winter Session:

More time

Our Winter session is almost double the length of our Fall session. We have more time together to develop what we’ve learned in over the past few months and continue to build habits for a healthy and active lifestyle.

More skills

With more time comes more skill. Over the past few months we’ve been working on the basics, getting our students on a similar level and learning the way dance class works. Now that we have that under our belts we’ll be working on developing and variation on these skills and processes and learning new skills that will help develop cognitive pathways, co-ordination and challenge your dancers bodies and minds.

More comfort

Now your dancer knows their teacher, knows the dancers in their class, knows the studio. Now your family know’s some of our staff and how the studio works a little better. With this comfort comes new relationships with peers, parents and instructors. Being more comfortable with the studio and their class will allow your dancer to take more initiative in class, take more risks, develop more skills and techniques, building self esteem and confidence.

Bigger Performance

We’re so excited for our Holiday Performance and love seeing anytime our dancers get a chance to perform but our year end recital is without a doubt the grand finale of our year! Recital brings the whole studio together to perform and connect. Dancers get to see their assistants and more mature dancers perform. We celebrate students who are celebrating 5 and 10 year anniversaries and those who are graduating high school after years of dancing with us. Not to mention the amazing and adorable costumes the dancers get to wear. Its an amazing show we work toward all year and an experience we only get to share with dancers in session 2.

We hope that you’ll consider joining us for session 2 at IHD. Whether you were with us this session or are just joining us for the winter we are so excited to learn more,grow more and dance more with you!