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Celebrating Ellie's 10th Anniversary

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February 22, 2017


In recent  years we have started the tradition of celebrating our dedicated students and their families who have spent 5 and 10 years training and growing with us at IHD. Today we learn a little bit more about one of our students celebrating their 10th year at In Harmony.

Ellie came to us as an adorable little blond girl with a big smile we still can’t get enough of! She started with acro in one of the first classes Miss Shelby ever taught where she did a very serious dance to “Bad to the Bone”. Ellie has grown so much from there. From acro to musical theater, ballet to hip hop, Ellie has dabbled in almost every style. Ellie excels in all things style. She is an extremely expressive performer and we love to watch her whether it be playing a boy in musical theater or being sassy and strong in hip hop.

Ellie is such a lovely part of our IHD family. The strong relationships and friendships she has built over her years at In Harmony are a testament to her infectious personality and fierce loyalty. Her family has been with us since the early years and have always been there with an encouraging word and never fail to have Ellie’s back every step of her dance journey.

Ellie, thank you for being you. For making us laugh, for being confident and outgoing and bold in your choices as a dancer and a person. It has been our privilege to watch you grow up at IHD. You continue to grow each year both inside and out and we can’t wait to continue on this journey with you! Happy 10th Anniversary Ellie!

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