The Lessons Dance Teaches

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December 6, 2017


Here at IHD we take teaching dance very seriously. We’ve all followed our passion for dance and built careers and lives revolving around that passion. We love sharing skills and steps and tricks with our dancers but from experience, we know that the lessons learned in studio go far beyond just dance.

Here’s our list of things that dance class teaches beyond the steps:

Helps build healthy habits

Teaches time management

Helps build healthy relationships with authority

Builds coordination and bodily control

Teaches dedication

Teaches perseverance

Helps promote positive self image

Teaches discipline

Teaches the value teamwork

There is always something more to learn

Teaches passion

Gives strong female (and some male) role models

Teaches the value of setting goals

Teaches the importance of community

Teaches self expression

Teaches humility and grace

It’s alright to make mistakes

Hard work pays off

Beyond the pirouettes, leaps and pointed toes there is so much more learning and practicing dance can teach us. Our mission is to share the joy of dance and the life lesson it teaches to as many students as we can. Dance has forever changed our lives and we hope to continue to help change others so as long as we can!

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