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Results of Inspire North York

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May 8, 2017


We’d like to congratulate our competitive team for another wonderful weekend at competition. Again, we saw many personal bests and are so proud of the continued growth this year (which is all we can ask for as teachers). We encourage students and parents to continue to trust in the journey that you're on, support and be in awe of the work you’ve put in regardless of the results. We are so proud of each of our dancers and cannot wait for the grand finale at competition #4.

Here is an outline of some of the spacial recognition we were given this weekend (I lost my program at the last adjudication so please let me know if I’ve omitted anything-Miss Shelby)

Special Awards

Committed to Character- Hailey Tucker for "I’m Not that Smart"

The Eyes Have It- Nicole Smyth for "My Philosophy"

Most Inspiring of the Session- Sydney King "My Strongest Suit"

Perfect Partners- Anthea Peta-Dragos & Lexia Pakkis for "Control"

Perfect Partners- Jasmine Chan & Anabelle Chan for "Stuck Like Glue"

Fantastic Foundation- Kya Smith for "Something There"

So So Sweet- "Candyland" Production

Broadway Babies- "When I am in Charge" Company E Musical Theatre

Terrific Timing- "Rockin’ Robin" Company G Acro

We all Work Together- "Happiest Town in Town" Company C Musical Theatre

Terrific Technique- Nicole & Meghan for "Fever"

Overall Awards

1st place Novice Small Group- Company G Tap "Lollipop"

3rd Place Novice Jr. Solo- Patricia Tsai for "Respect"

2nd Place Novice Jr Solo- Lindsay Owens for "Gimme Gimme"

2nd Place Novice Jr. Duet/Trio- Anthea  Peta-Dragos & Lexia Pakkidis for "Control"

3rd Place Int. Ballet Solo- Nicole Becher for "Arwin’s Vigil"

3rd Place Small Fry Ballet Solo- Kya Smith "Something There"

1st Place Acro Solo 12 + Under- Anabelle Chan for "Fishin’ in the Dark"

3rd Place Acro Duet 13+- Sarah Kennedy & Tayler Fish for "Secret Garden"

2nd Place Acro Duet 13+ Sarah Kennedy & Jewell Cormier for "Blinded"

2nd Place 12 & Under Acro Group Level 1 and Level 2 - "Rockin’ Robin" Company G Acro Group

1st Place 13+ Acro Group Level 1 & Level 2 - "The Beating Heart" Company A Acro Group

2nd Place Sr. Solo- Jewell Cormier for "Mercy" 

1st Place Sr Duet/Trio- Nicole Smythe & Meghan Paul for "Fever"

2nd Place Small Group Small Fry /Level 2 - "When I am In Charge" Company E Musical Theatre

3rd Place Lrg Group 12 and Under Level 2- "Happiest Town in Town" Company C Musical Theatre

Most Inspired Concept - "The Beating Heart" Company A Acro Group

Scholarship for Annie Wood Intensive- Dance Fuzion Intensive - Jewell Cormier

Broadway Bound Scholarship- Hailey Tucker

Again we are so proud of you all and so happy to have such a strong and beautiful team to work with. You make our dreams come true! Onwards to #4!

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