Our New Years Resolution

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January 10, 2018


Happy New Year everyone. We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday, filled with family, relaxation and lots of fun. We are so excited to spend another year doing what we love. The New Year is a great time to reset, start with a clean slate and set some new goals. We hope that you will join us in our resolution this year. For the studio we’d like to set the goal of lifting each other up.

It’s easy for life to get competitive. As teachers, parents and of course dancers we are all striving to do our best, to get the best results and to make ourselves and the people who love us proud. It’s easy to try to block others out or become solely focused on ourselves to achieve our goals. At In Harmony we hope to create an environment where we help each other reach our full potentials by encouraging, supporting and lifting each other up.

As teachers and staff we often work alone with our students. Once the studio door is closed we teach the class as we see fit. What perhaps our families don’t see all the time at the studio is the great connection our staff has with one another. We greatly respect each others work and try whenever possible to let eachother know when we see it. We ask each others opinions, share our knowledge, ideas and feedback. We deeply care about each other’s families. We are not only colleagues but friends who learn from and encourage each other. Because of this, we believe we are building the best possible studio, with solid consistent training and also a pretty great place to work.

We hope that we can continue this act of lifting each other up into the classroom. As teachers we promise to push you. That is our job, to try to make you the best dancer you can be. We will lift you up with our knowledge, we will celebrate your successes, we will lift you up after you fall. We will do our best to stay positive and joyful and create a space you love to learn in. As students we ask you to do the same with you peers. Congratulate them when they succeed, share your experience with them, help pick them up when they fall. If we can all commit to lifting each other up we can expect an even better studio environment and of course, with our combined effort more success in dance.

Parents, you can do your part to. Along with always encouraging and supporting your dancer, build connection and support with the parents at the studio. Tell a parent when you recognize their hard work. Carpool to give a tired out peer a little more time. We’ve seen friendships built at the studio last years. Help us set the example for your little ones that we set them up for always being supported and supportive.

Whatever goals or resolutions you’ve set for yourself this year we wish you all the luck, success and happiness there is. We hope that you will continue to help us with our resolution of creating a space where dancers and their families feel wanted, loved and encouraged. A place where we can push and lift each other to our true potential. A place where our young dancers can realize that we lift others up, we are also lifting ourselves up!

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