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Happy Anniversary Natasha!

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February 15, 2017


In recent  years we have started the tradition of celebrating our dedicated students and their families who have spent 5 and 10 years training and growing with us at IHD. Today we learn a little bit more about one of our students celebrating their 10th year at In Harmony.

Natasha came to us, following the footsteps of her big sister at 2 years old. We remember her as a little girl with glasses and a big heart who’s developed into a beautiful dancer and young lady with an even bigger heartNatasha makes us laugh above all else. She is is easy going and confident on stage and off. We’ve spent many days shaking our heads and laughing about “what Tash just said”, especially in the back of Miss Shelby’s car.

In class Natasha is focused and determined and each year we see a reflection of this in her improvement. She loves all kinds of dance and is a lovely all around dancer. She absolutely shines when given the opportunity to perform a sassy and strong style and continues to push herself to the next level.

Natasha’s family has been with us since day one. Her sister and parents have been loyal and exceptional customers and advocates of our studio since the beginning. Their support from building props, cheering us on and participating in Mom and Dad’s dance has been a constant at In Harmony and we are so thankful to have them in our family.

Natasha, we are so proud of you. Each year we watch you grow and develop as a dancer and person, build stronger friendships in the studio and become a better you. We are so excited for what the future holds for you. We know it will be great. Happy 10th Anniversary Natasha!


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