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Why choose our Summer Camps?

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April 19, 2017


Not sure how to fill your child’s days this summer? Why not choose a summer camp that focuses on physical activity and growth in a family-friendly, self esteem building atmosphere? At IHD we have three great options for summer camp. Our first caters to your little ones age 3-4 in our Princess or Prince camp. Kids Camp is for children age 5-7 and our Pre-teen camp will keep children 8+ moving. We know there are a ton of camps to choose from so we wanted to tell you a little about our camps to inform your summer decisions. Why choose us for summer camp?

We focus on Dance

We believe dance camp should be about dance, no matter the age of the students. Although we do have extra excursions and activities you can read more about below, the focus of our camp is dance. Your dancer will be exposed to a variety of styles of dance and prepare a number of short routines throughout their week with us. You’re child will take away some of the flexibility, strength, hand eye coordination and cognitive development that dance gives as well of a sense of which styles of dance they may want to explore more. Your child will be spending a lot of time dancing.

Our Instructors

We treat each other like family at In Harmony. We know it can be a tough decision to choose to leave your child with someone for a number of hours. Our instructors have extensive training and are first aid certified. They are fun, enthusiastic and above all responsible. They will take care of each child like their own and will keep you informed at the end of the day. Our goal is to make everyone feel at home at our studio and we hope that every dancer leaves feeling cared for and that they have really learned something each day.

Easy Excursions

Our program is self contained. We are lucky enough to have a facility that provides a small kitchen area with microwave to heat up lunches, television for movies at break times, ample space for craft time and bright open studios for dance classes. We also have the great luck of being in a building with a bowling alley downstairs and for the older children escape rooms. When we’re not dancing we have the opportunity to taken advantage of these amenities with no travel needed. That means no buses, to travel outside the building (we do sometimes take a break outside for fresh air and sidewalk chalk) and a safe, self contained environment.

End of the Week Performance

This is our favourite part of the camp. You’ll be surprised what your dancer can learn in a week and we’ll show you! At the end of the week we put together a little show of the best of the camp and invite the parents into the studio to take a look. We find that this show gives the dancers something to work towards during the week, which makes the days of dance class seem not so long. Watching them leave the studio on Friday with their head held high, so proud of what they’ve accomplished makes all our work and your decision to have them dance with us worth it.

We hope that you will consider joining us this summer for our camps. Our instructors are full of passion and desire to spread the joy of dance throughout our community and are goal is for each student to feel included, accomplished and tuckered out at the end of the week.

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