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The Perfect Parent Gift

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December 21, 2016


Still stumped on what to get your parents for Christmas? Tired of hearing them say “we don’t need anything, we have you”? Well they do need and deserve something very special, your appreciation and thanks.

Each week we have hundreds of parents walk (or run) through our doors, getting their dancers to the studio, bringing dinners and lost dance shoes. Bringing their organizational skills, prop building skills, sewing, hairdressing, psychology, taxi driving skills. Giving their financial support, their time, their well wishes and cheerleading. Parents give a lot for their children to dance and they deserve something in return.

So tell your parents, families and support systems thanks this Holiday Season. Tell them you appreciate all the late nights and early mornings, that you appreciate the running around and the financial contributions to allow you to do something you love. Tell them when even when your are having a bad day or when you get short with them that you truly appreciate all they do.  

Once you’ve had a short break for the holidays come back and practice what you preach. Appreciate each drive, each dance class, each dinner brought no matter how “gross”. Appreciate that your loved ones have given you the gift of dance for another year. Say thanks often and always. We are so thankful to have you as our students and that your parents trust us with you dance education.

Happy Holidays!

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