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Celebrating Danica's 10th Anniversary

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February 8, 2017


In recent  years we have started the tradition of celebrating our dedicated students and their families who have spent 5 and 10 years training and growing with us at IHD. Today we learn a little bit more about one of our students celebrating their 10th year at In Harmony.

Danica came to us as a tiny (slightly grumpy) two year old. Miss Shelby was her first teacher when she was just a teenager herself. It took that first year to get her warmed up to the studio but not long after she fell in love with dance. Danica has tried a variety of dance styles and has found her true passions in tap and hip hop.

It’s rare that you see Danica without a massive smile on her face. She lights up every room and is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. She is kind, polite and beautiful inside and out. She is dedicated to her dance studies and has rarely missed a class in the past 10 years. Her giggle and smile light up our lives and we are so happy to be part of her’s.

Danica’s family has been part of our family since the early years. Her older sister danced with us as well and her parents and grandparents have always been extremely supportive of her dancing and the studio. It’s such a beautiful thing to watch multiple generations of a family come through our doors and we are so happy that this family chose ours.

Danica, we hope you never change. We look forward to teaching you each week and can’t wait to see what your future holds. You are bright, beautiful and an absolute joy to have at the studio. Happy 10th Anniversary!

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