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Our Assistant Training Program

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October 4, 2017


In Harmony Dance & Wellness staff and faculty pride themselves of delivering high quality dance training to children of all ages in a professional, positive and safe environment. We share in the joys and challenges of dance education in a disciplined, yet positive environment thatencourages the development and healthy self-esteem for each dancer, regardless of age or experience. In Harmony Dance & Wellness is committed to professionalism and excellence in all of our classes,faculty, administration, annual performance, and general operations.

Our goal in the Assistant Teacher Training Program is to nurture a student’s desire to teach.With guidance from our Dance Instructors, we will help students to identify the different aspects involved in being a Dance Educator. Our program will give dancers who aspire to teach and/or further
their expertise in dance a solid background in dance education, teaching techniques and some practical classroom teaching experience.

Participants will create lesson plans and choreography, and will take required technique classes. The course covers a range of teaching aspects like classroom management, personal growth, positive role models, leadership, spotting techniques, music preparation, teaching props/tools, preparing a lesson plan, preparing choreography etc.
By the end of the program, all successful graduates will have acquired a strong foundation in how to teach dance to a variety of age groups and will leave with confidence, experience and a number of ideas on how to make dance fun in the classroom.  All the assistants you see in the classrooms at the studio have gone through this program and are not only experienced dancers but are dedicated to becoming great dance educators as well. We are so proud of the program we've created and even more proud of the students who have graduated the program that help run our studio each day. 

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