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Meet our Teachers Miss Angie

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July 19, 2017


We’re getting ready for our 2017/2018 season and can’t wait to see new and returning students in September. Over the next couple weeks we’ll introduce you to our amazing staff of qualified teachers. Today we’ll learn a little more about teacher and instructor of our assistant training program, Miss Angie.

Angie Cader has been teaching and choreographing ballet for forty years, specializing in young students "working towards ballet". Angela began her forty year dance career in Burlington Ontario at the age of twelve. Angela is a past member of the (ISTDA) Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance Association having all her grades in the Cecchetti method of dance. Angela went to London England to continue her dance career with the Ballet Rambert where she took an extensive teacher's course. Returning to Canada, Angela began teaching and eventually moved to Mount Albert where she owned and operated her school for twenty seven years. Angela has taught for several teachers over the years and led courses for young teachers and hopefully will continue to inspire young dancers for years to come.

Why you’ll love Angie’s Class:

  • Over 40 years of teaching experience

  • Incomparable passion for dance and teaching children

  • We call her the child whisperer (can get almost any child to dance onstage)

  • Creative choreography for any age group

  • Patient, kind and full of knowledge

What her students have to say:

“Miss Angie has inspired so many of us here at the studio to become better teachers and dancers. Her passion for dance inspires us all. She is kind and sweet and patient and just seeing her around the studio makes you happy. “ Jewell, Age 17

Miss Angie is truly an inspiration to us all at In Harmony. She is a talented teacher and one of the most beautiful people inside and out. We hope that you all get a chance to meet and learn from Miss Angie. She tried to retire but we couldn’t let her go! Her pure love of dance and passion for teaching brings joy to all of us at In Harmony.

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