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Celebrating Jewell's 10th Anniversary

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March 1, 2017


In recent  years we have started the tradition of celebrating our dedicated students and their families who have spent 5 and 10 years training and growing with us at IHD. Today we will learn about one of our students celebrating their 10th year at In Harmony.

Jewell joined us 10 years ago for hip hop class and it didn’t take long for her passion and love for dance to be evident to her teachers. Her determination, spirit and true love for dance soon made her into an extremely versatile dancer. Jewell is one of the most determined dancers we have met at IHD and you can often find her taking advantage of an open studio, privately working on her dancing. In class she is focused in her training but you can always distract her with a good hug.


Jewell has become a very important part of the IHD family, not only as a student but now as a teaching assistant and summer camp facilitator.  Her teachers praise her for always being one step ahead and her students and younger peers look up to her. Jewell is humble, grateful and hard working and with her blossoming choreographic skills, we have no doubt that she will make an amazing teacher.

Jewell, we are so proud of the dancer and woman you are becoming. Your growth throughout the years and your passion for dance demonstrate that hard work pays off, and in your case, will continue to be a great asset throughout your life. We have no doubt you can do anything your heart desires. Happy Anniversary Jewell.

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