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Tips on Applying Corrections

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April 12, 2017


This month we’ve been talking a lot about goal setting. With competitive season in full swing, recital dances being choreographed and our 2017 season with just a few short months left it may seem there is not enough time to achieve the goal you’ve set. We have one more big tip on achieving any goal, particularly in dance and its applying corrections. Our instructors have years of experience both as dancers and teachers, ample training in a variety of certifications and fields and a vast knowledge of dance. Our assistants have been trained by their teacher mentors in our assistant training program and also have a number of years of experience in competitive dance. Keep your ears and eyes open in class and try to really absorb what they have to say and then try to follow these tips to apply corrections and achieve your goals.

Stay focused

In class try to keep your focus on the teacher and on your own journey. Everyone learns at their own rate so sitting and comparing yourself to others who may be further ahead on a skill is not a productive way to spend class time. Really try to listen to what a teacher says, how they explain the skill, any tips they give on achieving it and really watch the way it is demonstrated and try to apply it to your practice. Also keep your ears open to other students corrections, what the teacher is telling them might also apply to you.

Try it out

When a teacher gives you a personal correction make sure that you are attentive, looking at them, listening to them, acknowledging them and give them your full attention. After the are done speaking then please try it out! So often, after giving a correction students will just look back and nod their head, say okay but not try it out. Don’t miss the opportunity to absorb the correction into you body and have your teacher asses whether you physically understand the correction while they are still there. Practice the correction while it is fresh in your mind, right after it is given and let your muscles and brain start absorbing it.

Remember it

Do you sometimes get frustrated in class because your teacher is giving you the same correction over and over again? There is only one way to stop it. Show you teacher consistently that you are working on or improving on what they are telling you to do. Everytime you come up to a skill that requires that correction hear your teacher's voice in your head before you do the step. Think ahead and try to send the message to your body before you’ve already missed out. Practice the correction at home. Ask your teacher for exercises or ideas to work on. Ask another teacher to explain it in a different way. Do whatever you can to trick your body and your mind to apply the correction before you step into class.

The beautiful and frustrating thing about dance is that there is always something to work on. Once you’ve applied one correction there is sure to be another one waiting. Once you’ve achieved one goal there will be another one you’ll want to tackle. Take your time and really try to listen to and apply what your teachers and mentors are giving you in class and take time outside the studio to practice and let these ideas sink in. Try to be like a sponge, absorbing as much information and ideas as you can. Then work on keeping that information in your mind and body not just for the class but for the rest of your dancing journey.

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