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Results of Luv 2 Dance Deerhurst

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April 24, 2017

Let’s just start by saying we had such a spectacular weekend with our dance family this weekend at Luv2Dance Competition in Deerhust Resort, Huntsville. We saw our dancers and their families come together more than we have in a long time. The energy and camaraderie we felt and saw this weekend is what we are taking with us and hoping to carry with us throughout the rest of the season.

We also saw some incredible growth and accomplishments in our dancers. Dancers - the support and positive energy you gave each other and yourselves this weekend is reflected in many of your marks and the results of the weekend. Remember this feeling and bring it with you as you continue through this season. We are so proud of you. Here are some of the special recognition we were awarded this weekend:

Special Awards

“Picture Perfect” Abbey Adamson & Tori Bekolay for "Painting with Dreams"

“Beating Heart” Cool Concept (Company A Acro Group)

“In The Zone” Hailey Tucker for "I’m Not That Smart"

“Make it Count” Kya Smith for "Something There"

“Laugh out Loud” March of the Executives (Company A Musical Theatre)

“Pirouette Power” Nicole Smythe for "My Philosophy"

“Fantastic Formations” for  "Stupid Cupid" (Company H Jazz)

"Tricky Transitions" Marissa Minassian for "Lost Girl"

“What a Treat’ for Production "Candyland"

“Port de Bra Princess” Katie Mackenzie for "Just the Way you Are"

“Incredible Articulation” Jewell Cormier for "Faun"

Elite Dance Team Invitees 

Meghan Paul

Nicole Smythe

Annabelle Chan

Jasmine Chan

Taylor Negri

Jenna Colucci

Erin MacDonald

Kya Smith

Jewell Cormier

Alex Mackenzie

Hannah Madill

Nicole Becher

Lexia Pakkidis

Anthea Petra-Dragos

Brianna Rodrigues

Abbey Adamson

Katie Mackenzie

Lauren Owens

Choreography of the Session:

Co. A Jazz "Sirens"

Co. B Jazz "Outlaws"

Overall Awards

3rd Place Classic Mini Small Group- "Me & My Girls"

2nd Place Classic Mini Acro Group- "Rockin Robin"

3rd Place Elite 11 and under Acro Group- "Sea Cruise"

2nd Place Elite 11 and Under Acro Group- "In the Park"

2nd Place Elite 12 plus Acro Group- "Beating Heart"

3rd Place Elite 12 plus Acro Duet/Trio-"Painting with Dreams"

3rd Place Elite 11 and Under Acro Duet Trio- "Fireflies" Rylee Abrams-Magloughlen & Kya Smith

2nd Place Elite 11 and under Acro Solo- "Fishin in the Dark" Annabel Chan

8th Place Novice Mini Solo- "Wishin and Hopin" Rylee Abrams-Magloughlen

7th Place Novice Mini Solo- "Build me up Buttercup" Bethany Pirroncello

3rd Place Novice Mini Solo- "Respect" Patrica Tsai

7th Place Novice Teen Solo- "Beautiful Girl" Jamie Burgess

4th Place Novice Teen Solo- "Warrior" Charlotte Reid

3rd Place Novice Teen Solo- "The First Time" Lauren Owens

2nd Place Novice Teen Solo- "Lost Girl" Marissa Minassian

1st Place Novice Teen Solo- "Just The Way you Are" Katie Mackenzie

9th Place Elite Teen Solo- "Moonlight Sonata" Alex Mackenzie

6th Place Elite Senior Solo- "Mercy" Jewell Cormier

1st Place Elite Mini Solo- "Something There" Kya Smith

3rd Place Elite Jr. Small Group- "Bad Case of Loving You" Company E Tap

3rd Place Elite Teen Small Group- "We are Young" Company A Tap

2nd Place Elite Teen Small Group- "Outlaws" Company B Jazz

3rd Place Elite Teen Large Group- "Another Brick in the Wall" Company C Jazz

2nd Place Elite Teen Large Group- "Happiest Town in Town" Company C Musical Theatre

1st Place Elite Teen Large Group- "What Makes you Beautiful" Company C Ballet

3rd Place Elite Senior Large Group- "March of the Executives" Company A Musical Theatre

3rd Place Musical Theater Mark- "March of the Executives" Company A Musical Theatre

Top Student Choreography- Jewell Cormier for "Faun"

Senior Most Potential- Meghan Paul

Mini Dancer of the Year- Kya Smith

Elite Dance Off Finalists:

Senior Group: "Outlaws" - 3rd Place

Teen Group "Hypnosis" - 4th Place

Junior Group "Bad Case of Loving You" - 1st Place

Again, we could not be more proud of our team this weekend. Thank you for make our job not feel like work, supporting one another and continuing to grow along with us! 2 down, 2 to go!

To see picture from the weekend, please jump on our Facebook GROUP page. You can also share picture on this private page.



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