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Giving our thanks after a big performance

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December 19, 2016


We had a lovely Sunday afternoon at our Annual Holiday Performance. As always after a big show we have a lot of thank yous to give so here we go!

Thank you to the dancers who worked so hard on their numbers for months, who flew through their quick changes and waited patiently when it wasn’t their time to shine. Above all thank you to the dancers who continue to make us so proud and who absolutely dazzled the audience!

Thank you to the teachers who helped the dancers every step of the way and choreographed an extremely entertaining show. Thank you for giving us your Sunday to support your students and being there to tell them what an amazing job they did.

Thank you to our assistant teachers who absolutely blew us away yesterday. From getting the dancers onstage,  lining the dancers up, keeping them occupied in between numbers, getting them to the change room, to the bathroom, on top of supporting and helping with the numbers they assist these young ladies took charge and did an incredible job!

Thank you to Belinda, Glenda, Debbie & Paula for keeping everyone organized and greeting our guests the whole day. Your help is so appreciated and the day wouldn’t be the same without you. You are all such shining examples for our assistants and we are more appreciative of your help than you’ll ever know!

Thank you to Nick and Nathan for running through the lights and sound and as always supporting the team, like only you can.

Thank you to Willy & Gino for helping out with the kids and the hot chocolate, the food drive and for your constant support.

Thank you to the family and loved ones who came to support their dancer and the studio. It was so amazing to look out into the audience and see packed theaters of smiling faces supporting the arts and their children. We hoped you enjoyed the show!

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