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Our Top 5 Halloween Jams

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October 25, 2017



Halloween week is in full swing at IHD. We’ve loved seeing the creative costumes and getting spooky in our Halloween themed classes. As we continue on with this fun filled week we wanted to share our list of the best spooky music to dance to this time of year!

5. The Adams Family Theme- We all love songs with some good accents to hit. The snaps in the song are perfect for hitting some sharp movement and there are some pretty sweet remixes too! Take a listen here

4. Monster Mash- This one’s a classic. Every little dancer should hear and dance to this song. Perfect for some free movement or acting out your favourite monster, you’ll definitely be hearing this one in class this week. Listen here:

3. The Time Warp- Another classic Halloween tune and it already has the dance moves attached. So much your hands on your hips and pull your knees in tights and take a listen to this Halloween gem:

2.Disturbia- This creepy Rhianna classic makes us think about all the creepy, crawly things Halloween has to offer. We even had a vampire dance to this song back in the day (check out the throwback pic) and listen to this great song.

1. Thriller- Any Halloween song list could never be complete without the mention of this iconic song & video. The creepy vibe, the amazing dancing, Thriller is our number 1 song to get down to at Halloween. Listen & watch here:

We hope you enjoyed listening to our music picks for Halloween week. We can’t wait to see you moving to this music this week! Don’t forget to dress up for class!

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