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Filling your time this holiday!

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December 28, 2016


We hope everyone is enjoying all there is to offer this holiday season, including a little rest. However, if you getting to the point in any busy dancer’s holiday where you might be feeling a little bored then here are some ideas on how to to fill your time and get ready for the next session with us at IHD.

Make up a dance

Take the time to explore ways that you like to move, steps that you like do and music you  love to listen to. Whether you just move around to the music or put some steps together in a full combination these are important skills for any dancer, not to mention the pure joy it will bring you.

Work on your core

A strong core is important for any dancer. Core strength improves balance, stabilizes your body and can help prevent certain injuries. We’re not just talking about doing crunches but starting to develop a little routine that strengthen your deep core muscles that wrap around your entire midsection.

Read about dance artists

Look up some professional dance artists. Read about their careers, their habits, their lives. Be inspired by their stories. Read about the companies they dance for and the schools they attended and set some goals for yourself.

Obsess over a difficult step

With your busy schedule during the school year it’s hard to find time to really take time to practice they way you’d like to. Think of a step or series of that you have been finding difficult. Slow it down, break it down, analyze each aspect of the step and send the time that you so seldom have to become comfortable with it.

We hope that you are enjoying your time, spending time with loved ones, time to relax, time to have fun and also many a little time to dance! See you in the new year!

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