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3 weeks ago


When we train or work at something for a long time it is a very normal human experience to become unmotivated at certain parts of our training. This time of year in the dance industry is particularly straining. There is a lot to do and sometimes it’s not the most exciting time of the year. Choreography is done, costumes have been chosen, and the tedious but necessary process of cleaning has started. Some of our students are being pulled in different directions, busy studying for exams, applying to school or even just tempted to take more time for their social life. Behind the scenes at the studio we are also be pulled in a million directions planning for the whole 2018 season so we totally understand what our students might be going through. Keep reading for some tips on staying motivated during this busy but productive time of year.

Set some goals

Ask yourself what you really want. What do you want to learn? What grade do you want to get? What skill do you want to pick up? What relationships to you want to build? What do you really want to achieve? During busy times setting goals often makes the hard work worth it. Focusing on the end goal can give us the motivation we need to get through seemingly boring or unnecessary work. Set small realistic goals and big grande goals to make any and all work worth it!

Celebrate Successes

Celebrate you success, no matter how small. Maybe you’ve successfully studied for an exam for an hour each day for a week. Maybe you’ve finally gotten your full splits. Maybe you’ve memorized the steps to all your dances. Celebrate! Allowing yourself to celebrate your success. Maybe you celebrate with your favourite food, a movie with a friend or maybe it’s just a little happy dance around your room. Celebrating our success gives us something to look forward to, gives us a burst of happiness in a stressful time and is just plain fun.

Plan “Me Time”

Give yourself a break! We admit, this one is hard for us too. In busy times we think we need to work 24/7 in order to meet our goals or expectations. In reality we can be more productive when we give ourselves time to rest, recharge and gain the stamina and space we need to keep going. Plan study breaks, give yourself permission to go to bed when you’re tired, eat a lot, go out with friends, go for a walk. Do something to make you happy, clear your mind and prepare for the hard work.  Dance class can be an excellent break that forces your brain and body to focus on something other than school or friendships for a short period of time but we understand that sometimes you need a break from that too. Add some me time to your schedule, write it down and follow through.

Be Patient

There are very few things in life that we can master in a short period of time. Often the most rewarding things in life take time and effort to achieve. Be patient with yourself. Don’t get discouraged when you lose motivation. Stay focused on the things and people you love and trust that things will fall into place. Hopefully this patience along by giving yourself goals, celebrating your success and giving yourself time you recharge will help you get through this busy time a year and any crazy time in the future!

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