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Believe Dance Competition

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April 3, 2017


This past week we attended Believe Dance Competition in Vaughan for our first of the 2017 competitive season! Our dancers met and exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Again, we saw friendships grow and teams band together, families supporting each other and great dancing. We can’t wait to get back into the studio and listen to the judges critiques and get back to work for our next competition.

Here’s a little detail about overalls and special awards from this weekend for those who are curious but please know and remember that all of our dancers have made us extremely proud, each competition is different and at the end of the day competitions are about growth and performance experience.

Congratulations to the following numbers for receiving special recognition from the judges this weekend.

Special Awards

Confidence Award- Stupid Cupid

Amazing Acrobat- Rylee for Wishin and Hopin

Adjudicator's Choice of the Session- Lindsay for Gimme Gimme

Adjudicator's Choice of the Session-  Lauren for The First Time

Dynamic Duo- Rylee & Kya Fireflies

Adjudicator's Choice of the Session- Lollipop

Most Potential of the Session- Undertow

Clean Lines- Alex for Moonlight Sonata

Most Potential of the Session- Kiana for Electric Feel

Connection Award- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Perfect Pair Award-Jasmine & Anabelle for Stuck Like Glue

Adjudicator's Choice of the Session- Freshman

Character Connection Award- Julia for Good News Mrs. Davenport

Cool Concept- The Beating Heart


Top Acro Novice 11 & Under- Lexia & Anthea for Control

Top Tap Novice 11 & Under- Emma for A-B-C

2nd Overall Novice Mini Solo- Rylee for Wishin & Hopin

1st Overall Novice Mini Solo- Bethany for Build me up Buttercup

2nd Overall Novice Mini Group- Stupid Cupid

2nd Overall Novice Jr. Duet- Abby & River for Springtime Polka

1st Overall Novice Jr. Mini Duet-  Lexia & Anthea for Control

Top Ballet Novice 12 and Up- Katie for Just the Way you Are

Top Open Novice 12 and Up- Lauren for The First Time

Top Acro Part Time 11 & Under- Rockin Robin

Top Tap Part Time 11 & Under- Lollipop

2nd Overall Part Time Mini Group- Rockin Robin

1st Overall Part Time Mini Group- Lollipop

1st Overall Mini Solo- Kya for Something There

2nd Overall Mini Duet/Trio- Rylee & Kya for Fireflies

3rd Overall Part Time Senior Group- Undertow

3rd Overall Intermediate Large Group- The Beating Heart

Scholarship for National Ballet of Canada Summer- Jewell

Highest Overall Production- Candyland

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