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Wishing Dancers Goodluck of their PAEC Exams

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December 14, 2016


Tomorrow is our first batch of PAEC acro examinations this year. We are so proud of the hard work these dancers and their teachers have put in to the development of their acro technique. This year we have two students who have reached the final level in these examinations. They have worked through numerous exams and we couldn’t be prouder to have them assisting acro classes at the studio and sharing their knowledge with younger students at IHD.

We also have many students taking their first acro exam tomorrow. It will be such an exciting day to see both senior dancers and our youngest competitive dancers working toward a common goal.  It’s these moments as a dancer teacher when you see your work come full circle. Seeing students that you started teaching as young children reaching goals that they set years ago is such a beautiful thing.

Students, remember to stay calm and focused, to believe in yourself against all else and know that the hard work you’ve put in is all you need to be successful. We are already so proud.

We’re wishing all the dancers luck tomorrow in their examination and looking forward to a lovely day at the studio tomorrow.

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