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What to expect starting out.

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January 11, 2017


With a new year comes a new session and new students and their families coming into the studio. We believe that starting dance lessons at a young age sets a child up with improved concentration and agility, builds confidence and self esteem and fosters a love of movement and exercise that often lasts a lifetime. The first few weeks of a new activity can be hard for any child to get used to and stressful for a parent. Read on if you are becoming a dance parent this year to your budding young dancer. Here’s a little of what to expect in your first weeks of class.

Separation can be good. We do not allow parents in the class but each of our studios has viewing windows. Prepare your  young dancer by explaining the studio is for dancers only and that the can wave to you or blow you a kiss through the window when they need to see you. Independance and the ability to take instruction from another adult are important skills your child will learn when they are given the space.

Crying is normal. Each child deals with a new environment different. Some will run into class without a second look and some will feel overwhelmed with the situation. Our experienced instructors and assistants deal with this daily. Don’t feel discouraged if your child spends the first class with the assistant or sheds a couple of tears. In our experience crying does not often mean the child does not like the class or dance. They are working on developing a trust in their instructors and their environment and this may take a couple of weeks to work out.

It’s not just fun and games.  In many of our toddler classes we have many different methods of teaching skills to your young dancer. We use  interactive music, games and activities to teach basic techniques and movement. Even playing freeze dance at the end of class teaches a young dancer to listen to the music around them and pay attention to the surroundings, skills that any established dancer must have. If you ever have a question about what a game is teaching your child please do not hesitate to ask. Remember that each child learns at a different rate at each stage and age and progress is different for everyone. Remember, as we will to celebrate each accomplishment no matter how small.

We are so excited to invite new families through our doors and pride ourselves on maintaining a team like atmosphere with both the dancers and their loved ones. We have an amazing team of qualified instructors and assistants ready to share their passion with your young dancer! Welcome to the IHD family.

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