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Tips for Setting Goals

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April 5, 2017


Our April graffiti board is all about setting goals. The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to set goals. Spring is about growth, rebirth and awakening and we can apply all of these things to our goals for the rest of the year. Here are our tips on setting goals to the new season. Think about it, work hard, share it with your teachers and don’t forget to share it on the board at the studio. We can’t wait to see where your dreams take you.

Tip #1- Keep it personal.

Everyone grows and learns at a different rate. We are all on our own personal journey in dance. Try not to base your own personal goals based on others around you. Try not to compare yourself to others at the studio, online or elsewhere. Think about what YOU truly want. Think about corrections YOU consistently get in class. Think about YOUR interests, passions and where or how you’d like to be at the end of the season. Pick your goal based on your personal feelings.

Tip #2- Take it step by step.

Some goals can be attained quickly, some take a while longer, to achieve any goal takes effort and commitment. Think about your end goal, then write a list of steps you could take to achieve it. For instance my goal is to achieve my splits. I could: ask my teacher specific exercises, practice them everyday at home, ask a peer what they did to get their splits and so on. Accomplishing each step with help you feel productive on the way to your goal, help you track your progress and enable you to perhaps help another student reach their goal in the future.

Tip #3- Stay positive

We cannot underestimate the power of positive thinking. The moment you give yourself the gift of self confidence and belief you will have the freedom to achieve any goal. Eliminate the thoughts of “I can’t”, “I don’t have time” “I’ll never do it” and change your thoughts to “I can” “I will make time” “I can achieve anything with time and practice”. If you are passionate and driven to reach your goal give yourself permission to take the time and have the attitude to achieve it.

Tip #4- Celebrate your win

When a goal is achieved, share your joy. Share your accomplishment with your parents, your teachers and your peers. Let people congratulate you on a job well done. Be open and humble with the things that you achieved. You might inspire someone to set a goal of their own.

Happy goal setting everyone!

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