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Tips on becoming an A+ Dance Student

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September 20, 2017


We hope everyone is enjoying their frist couple of weeks back at dance. We are so happy to see so many dancers in the studio. As classes are in full swing, here are our top 5 tips for becoming an A+ dance student!

1) Come early, come prepared.  

Prepare your mind and body for class. Make sure you have your proper attire and shoes, make sure you go to the washroom. Take the time you need to clear your mind before class.

2) Listen to your teacher.

Listen to you teachers when they are demonstrating, giving you a correction and giving other dancers corrections. Listen to them carefully and try to apply each correction to yourself.

3) Watch your fellow dancers.

Check out what your classmates are doing. Try to copy and steal what you like about their dancing, try to feed off the energy of the other dancers in the room and work as a team.

4 )Don’t worry about the time.

Stay present in class. Try to appreciate each moment you have at the studio. Don’t worry about what else you have to do or other places you might be, leave your problems at the door at enjoy your class.

5) Be supportive and encouraging of your classmates.

Help create a positive and joyful environment in your class. Encourage your fellow dancers and celebrate their victories. Stay positive and open to trying new things and class will always fun!

We’ve already met some amazing students this session. Follow these tips and our studio will always be a joyful, lovely place for learning dance.

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