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What makes you beautiful?

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January 18, 2017


As dancers our training requires us to be critical of our bodies. It’s our teachers job to remind you of imperfections in a step. Sometimes it is hard not to take these things personally. The practice of dance can be an emotionally challenging thing if we do not take time to appreciate what we love about ourselves. Belief in yourself and confidence are two underestimated skills in the practice of dance. Visualizing the dancer and person we want to be often makes us who we are. Take some time to fill in the blanks in the section below and find what makes you beautiful!

I am really good at ________________.

I appreciate my ___________________.

I am proud of _____________________.

I am happy when___________________.

I am motivated when________________.

I feel beautiful when_________________.

Each person and dancer excels at and enjoys different things. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. By acknowledging what you are good at and what makes you feel happy, proud, motivated, appreciative and start building your life and training around these things you will be surprised to find the inner strength and power to accomplish your goals!

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