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We obviously love to dance at IHD. Dance has changed our lives forever and we are always so honoured to be able to share this artform with our students and their families. We’ve dedicated our lives to studying and practicing dance and with good reason. It makes us happy. We want to share the beautiful, joyful, free, feeling we feel when we dance with our community. What is it about dance that gives us this amazing feeling and why is it good for our overall health?

It makes you tired

Dancing is a lot of work. It’s an exercise that uses your entire body and strengthens your cardiovascular system. After working hard in dance class your body is pooped. Now why is being tired a good thing? Sleep! When your exhausted you sleep better and when you sleep better you feel better physically and mentally.

It’s freeing

Dance not only requires your physical presence but your mental as well. Whether you are focused on mastering a step, the emotion or story of the piece or just the task, dance is an activity that occupies your body and your brain. When you’re in dance class your able to leave problems and worries you might be having in other areas of your life outside the studio or bedroom or wherever you’re dancing doors and fully occupy yourself with something else.

Helps with social anxiety & stage fright

Dance forces you to be performative and put yourself out there. You can’t hide in the studio. To participate in dance class, no matter how old you are, you have to put yourself out there and try new things in front of people you don’t always feel comfortable with. Practicing this kind of attitude in the studio can help you build confidence in other areas of your life. We’ve watched many shy, reserved, self conscious little ones grow into more confident, bold, young adults with the help of dance.

Helps build relationships

Anyone who dances knows special bonds are created with the people you dance with. Often these friends last a lifetime. Just as you are often physically and mentally connected with yourself in dance class these connections often extend to the people you dance with.

We hope that dance continues to make you as happy and healthy as it has made us for years to come!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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